Palworld – Things We Wish We Knew Before We Started

What We Learned and Found Useful

This is in regards to pals functioning around the base that Iv tested I hope it helps some people with problems they’re having. Also some other fun stuff I learned

This is going to mess up my whole order system but I felt like I had to put this one in front: If you wanna capture some really strong pals early on you can kite them to your base so all your pals on home defense can melt their health just be quick with the poke-Palsphere!

  1. When you unlock the grapple hook or climb like a Chad you can reach balconies in the boss rooms and watch your pals fight the boss from a pretty nice view. Also when you unlock guns you can also use this method to cheese most bosses in the game by hiding up there n shootig them
  2. My OCD doesn’t like not having doors but I feel it’s best to not use the actual doors they have in game because it bugs out some of the larger pals.
  3. I had setup my base next to ore nodes so my pals would auto farm it for me but I learned that if you have a stone quarry setup where pals can farm stone they will always farm that instead of the metal nodes. If you remove the stone quarry the pals will then target the metal or sulfur nodes in ur property. I also learned that if you put the stone quarry inside a room with 2x high walls and a ceiling, also have a pal who can mine but is too large to fit in the house with a pal who is small enough to fit in the house and they will farm both the stone and metal.
  4. If you’re using really large pals or flying pals and they keep bugging out in the base make your doorways 3×3 as it seems their hitboxes are too big for 2×2 doorways
  5. I had a wide open back of my base 3×3 so my pals could farm the metal nodes out back. I added an overhang of stone ceilings to make the doorway look nice and 5 min later I noticed all of my pals were stuck in place and couldn’t move some were starving. I realized there was a slight upward slope in the grass just enough to see the grass over the stone floor foundation and the ceiling just barely wasn’t a 3×3 anymore and it caused the whole base to stop working.
  6. Depending where you make your base you can counteract the raids completely, I have a base on top of a mountain next to nodes and my property line is on the cliff so I have maybe an inch of property at the bottom of the cliff and when raids spawn they spawn at the bottom of the mountain and are unable to get to me.(i ended up moving because I felt like it took out the fun of all the base defense items)
  7. If you’re trying to save up one type of food so you can craft it later on but the pals keep putting it in the food bowl/ eating it. Pals eat from left to right so put the food you’re trying to save at the right and put the food you want them to eat now on the left. I have my pals eating berries while I farm wheat and milk to make pancakes which makes them go crazy less

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  1. Catch lots of Pals early on, even if you don’t think you need them. You get an good xp bonus for the first 10 of each pal that you catch, and you have lots of storage for them early on. Later on pal storage might start getting low, but by that point you’ll have ways to make use of all those low level pals you caught.

    Also, you can change the abilities your pals use by going to their details screen if they’re in your team. Click on the ability and it’ll show you what abilities they have that you can swap it for. Took me far too long to realise this.

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