Palworld – Tips You Haven’t Seen Before

Useful Tips You Haven’t Seen Before

Just a few tips I haven’t seen anywhere else that have helped a ton! I play on Xbox but assume this stuff is relavent on PC.

  • If you are overburdened (or moving lots of things), use the grapple gun to pull yourself to where you want to put things.
  • Build the double barrel stack as storage. It has more spaces than a single barrel. You can line multiple of them up and access them from the skinny side. You can grapple to them (point at them instead of the ground) if you are overburdened.
  • When you build your base, go two walls high before making a ceiling. You are not going to run out of room vertically (thanks let’s game it out) and having a tall cowling makes everything much more cozy.
  • After you upgrade your base, you can get rid of things you needed for the upgrade. You don’t have to keep everything!
  • Storage is shared across all of the boxes across a single base. You don’t have to have it in your inventory to be able to craft it.
  • I believe that your pals will put like materials in like storage. So if I build a new storage box and put a single piece of wood in there, my pals will know to put wood in there, but will not put stone in it, for instance.
  • If you open a storage box and press RB (console, not sure on PC), it’ll automatically deposit whatever matches. I.e. if I have a bunch of wood, stone, and ore in my inventory, and I open a box that has wood in it, and click LB, all of the wood will get transferred but the stone and ore would stay in my inventory.
  • Base Layout – Pals actually need a clear path to the various stations (bed, food, station, etc). Just having the station in your base doesn’t allow them to “access it”. They’ll need to actually walk over to it.
  • This also impacts where you place your base – you don’t want cliffs, pools of water, etc, as they’ll get stuck not being able to access the stations they need.
  • If you pick up a pal and throw it at a station, you can “assign” them there
  • Note that this doesn’t seem to be fully sticky, at the moment. They’ll stick there for a while, but eventually it seems to break
  • You don’t need to manually craft things at the workbenches. If you set it to go, as long as you have a handiwork pal in your base, they’ll [eventually] come over and craft it for you.
  • The Palbox will serve as the center of your base, and you can’t [currently] move it. The “base” will be a radius around it, so plan accordingly when you plop one down.

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