Palworld – Top 10 Best Items to Sell

Top 10 Items to Sell

After 120 hours, 140 items crafted, and over 6.5 Million Gold Coins earned I found the sale price and profit margin for every single item in Palworld. Here are my top 10 best items to sell!

After doing my extensive research here are the top 10 items that I’ve found are the best if your goal is to make a lot of money:

ItemProfitProfit / WorkloadLevel ObtainedItem Type
1. Nail1501010Farmable
2. Pizza1800.5141Farmable/Renewable
3. Cooked Berries515Super Renewable
4. Wool10N/A5Buy and Farm
5. Wheat10N/A15Super Renewable
6. Tomatoes15N/A32Super Renewable
7. Repair Kit1022Super Renewable
8. Cooked MeatVaryingVarying8Rarest Farmable
9. Jam-Filled Bun100.1717Super Renewable
10. Mega Shield256024.616Rarest Farmable

As a little interesting bonus here are the top 5 worst Items to Sell:

1. Memory wiping Juice-4876
2. Hyper Grappling Gun-3679
3. Grappling Gun-1749
4. Cold / Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor-836
5. Giga Grappling Gun-739

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