Palworld – Useful Tips for Leveling

Leveling Tips

Nothing seems to give exp compared to catching pals. You get like, 2 experience points for everything you build / craft which adds up to maybe 100 points when you’re done.

Meanwhile you can get thousands of exp from catching one pal outside your base. It is the only way to level. I think its an interesting mechanic.

Just farm paladium at your nearest lake, make 300 pal balls, then go catch 10 of everything around your base.

After that focus on mega balls and use those to catch the higher level creatures you find as you go exploring. The system is designed to encourage exploration.

UPD: Find and hatch eggs. Super fast exp. And then start breeding. No need to catch 10 of everything. Just one male and one female. Then breed the other 8.


  1. The xp does really fall off a cliff after like level 20. It’s about 250k xp to go from level 38 to 39. Mining items or making them etc, gives 2 xp. Catching a pall with the first 10 bonus gives like 8k. There’s no reasonable way to keep leveling other than catching the 10 pals and it does get a bit tedious after a while. My box completely filled up btw, so thats how many I’ve caught to get to level 38 with base xp rate.

  2. It’s faster to level by going to an area with lots of pals you can fight and sending your pals to wipe them out. The XP bonus for catching 10 is nice but it is far slower than plowing through hordes of pals.

    A pal with a good AoE move will dominate groups and level you quickly.

  3. I’ve started going down the list picking off the 1,2, 3s I need to complete the 10 for each type. You get ‘bonus’ XP for each of the first 10 of any pal type you catch and the XP scales with your level. For example, I never caught the chickpin (name?) while I was leveling. Now that I am 25 or so, I went back and was getting 900-1100 XP for each capture even though they were only lvl 2, 3, 4.

    Admittedly, I needed to put my pals in my group away and only use a club because so much damage goes out it kills them. The old bow was frequently helpful for small damage.

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