Palworld – Windows to Windows Server Migration

Windows to Windows Server Migration

This might be known/obvious but you can run the Steam version of the server (not SteamCMD) without actually running Steam.

If you’re migrating your server from one PC to another, this ensures that you retain the ID’s of your players and allows for easier automation.

  1. Install Steam on new windows PC/Server
  2. Login to your account
  3. Install Palworld Server

You can optionally logout of steam and set it to not start with Windows at this point

  1. Navigate to the directory containing PalworldServer.exe and run the server to make sure it’s working
  2. Write scripts, set up scheduled tasks, etc, etc.

Reason for this method: I was having issues migrating a server from Steam on my main PC -> SteamCMD on a different PC due to the ID’s being different.

I know there are tools to help with this (Host Save Fix) but for some reason this wasn’t working for a few of my players profiles (there are ~10 of us).

I wanted to move to SteamCMD so I could eliminate the need for Steam and automate starting the server on boot, restarting if it crashed, etc, but since the ID’s were different, I couldn’t.

This ensures that the ID’s of your players are the same but allows you to start the game similar to SteamCMD without actually having to use Steam.

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