Pampas & Selene: The Maze of Demons – An Apple A Day Achievement Guide

How to Get An Apple A Day Achievement

To get the “An apple a day” achievement, you need a soul gem. Capture a soul from an enemy to get it. A halo is recommended to make it faster. It should be your first item.

Also, get 1 or 2 health upgrades. With one, you depend on luck. With full upgrades, you don’t.

  • From the start, go six rooms right and one down. Kill the four bats to access the secret area.
  • In the secret area, there’s a jailed fairy. Hit the jail with Pampas’ sword to free her. Touch her to heal and get the Soul Mastery special.

Note: Freeing the fairy without touching her gives you the Prisoner of War achievement. Getting Soul Mastery makes it easier to get the special we need.

  • Use the halo to return to the start. Go up two rooms. There are two snakes and three barrels. Activate Soul Mastery but don’t touch the barrels yet.
  • Kill a snake to get Conjure Apples. It lets you conjure three apples each use.
  • Use the fire trap and snake venom to get low health on both characters. With lots of health upgrades, you don’t need to hurt them as much.
  • Break the three barrels. You need one apple. With lots of health upgrades, you can look elsewhere if needed. Without upgrades, find a room with enemies and barrels. Break barrels for an apple and use enemies to hurt you if needed. Selene’s Fireball can also hurt you.
  • Use Conjure Apples to make apples. Eat nine from the special and one from a barrel. If you get full health, use the fire trap to lose some and keep eating. Don’t leave the room without eating ten apples.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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