Paradiso Guardian – Best Way to Make Money

How to Make Money

I grinded the Centaurus and the Thunder Shadow at the very first save point of the final area. If you come from the save point, then you’ll be behind the Centaurus.

I just went back and forth, killing both and then selling Thunder Swords, Lucky Stars, & Platinum Armors. At the point I was at, I one-shotted the Thunder Shadow and would kill the Centaurus in 1 melee combo or 1 combo + 1 Archangel Punch, so with the speed boosts from P. Tech Tights & Angel Walk, the grind did not take very long at all.

My Set Up:

  • Weapon: Neo S•Knuckle or Neo S•Sword
  • Skills: Archangel Punch (or Wing Strike) + Angel Walk
  • Armor: Ancient Battle Suit
  • Accessories: Tears of the Leviathans, P. Tech Tights, Lucky Star
  • Bond: Doesn’t matter
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