Path of Achra – General Tips for Most Builds

Generic Advice on What Most Builds Wants

There are going to be exceptions to what I talk about, I’m going to be listing the overall rules.

Have a Defense Mechanic

A defense mechanic is strong simply because, with enough investment, it can prevent 90% of most damage:

  • Armor is typically added to strength builds
  • Block can typically be added to any build, but is generally harder to add
  • Dodge is typically added to dex builds

But Only Have One Defense Mechanic

  • In most builds, it’s hard to add a second mechanic to reduce damage.
  • The reason why you don’t want to stack multiple ways, is simply because, there are things that bypass said mechanics.
  • So once you have your first mechanic to reduce damage, if you want more survivability, that’s when you want to focus more so on max health, healing and resists.
  • Most builds typically want to increase their health.

Build Around Synergy

  • This game is all about having a lot of things interact with each other to boost your overall strength instead of just having one thing that is really good.
  • You can have a entire build built around one thing, but that thing is typically built around having other things.
  • A generic way of building around synergy in this game is, while not limited to, inflicting a type of damage.
  • And then when that type of damage is inflicted, have something else that procs off of that type of damage.

Increase Speed

  • The more speed you have, the more actions you get to take in a game turn.
  • Something with 20 speed will act twice as fast as something with 10 speed.
  • While 10 speed will act twice as fast with something with 5 speed.
  • The standard way to increase speed is either by leveling up dexterity to increase the natural speed
  • Or by leveling up a mixture of strength and dexterity to increase your minimum speed

Plan Around a Prestige Class

  • Prestige classes can be viewed in the power menu.
  • Prestige classes provide a lot of synergy to build on top of, and are generally just really strong when built with.

I hope the above information was helpful!

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