Path of Exile – Ritual Guide

The Basics

Ritual is a past league mechanic encounter that spawns from Ritual Altars. To start a ritual you need to click on it to activate it.

After activating the Altar, players must defeat the enemies enclosed within the Ritual Circle, gaining Tribute in the process. Dying or leaving the map will end your current ritual.

Once a ritual is finished you can spend the earned Tribute to purchase various types of rewards including pre-identified rare items.

Its recommended to wait until you’ve completed at least the third ritual before spending tribute, or else all the rewards wont be visible and you may miss out.

Ritual Altars have an 8% base chance to spawn in any end-game map. The amount of Altars that will appear in each instance can vary from one to four.

The Mechanic

After killing enough monsters around the altar you can begin the ritual mechanic, the Ritual Circle will appear on the ground.

The Ritual Circle will lock you inside of it until the mechanic ends, or until you die or leave the map.

Monsters will spawn in multiple waves, each wave harder than the last. After defeating all the monsters within the ritual, the combat phase ends and players can loot the altar. If the altar was located near a boss room, then the boss has a chance of spawning (again) within the ritual.

Clicking the altar after the mechanic will display the Ritual Favor interface that allows players to select their rewards. Some rewards are hidden and will be revealed after you complete three altars on the same map.

Ritual Altars

All of the Altars in the area will be part of the same set, and share the same pool of rewards. Completing successive encounters in the same map will increased the difficulty of the next encounter and will offer better rewards.

Altars also spawn in various types, giving a different set of buffs to enemies and environmental effects. The different types of altars and their modifiers are listed below.


After completing a ritual, players can click the Altar to display the Favor interface that allows players to select their own rewards, in exchange for Tribute points.

All items are identified and you can see the exact mods before selecting the reward. After a reward is selected and withdrawn, it cannot be returned/refunded.

Completing a single ritual will only reveal 1/2 or 1/3 of the possible rewards and completing at least three encounters in the area will reveal all rewards.

The complete list of rewards can be founded here.


Deferral allows players to save a reward that they cannot presently afford with the Tribute they have, and that item, or items will then re-appear in later rituals.

To differ an item, you will need to pay 15% of the item’s original cost, so the item will reappear in a random later area, discounted by 10% of its original cost.

It is currently undetermined how long it takes for deferred items to show back up, however, more valuable items will take longer to reappear.

When an item is deferred and shows back up, if players don’t pay to defer it again or take it, the next time they see it will raise in price, and then will disappear if not deferred or taken.

Ritual Vessel

Ritual Vessels are a currency that can be created when a player gets 100x Ritual Splinters, splinters can be obtained from rituals when a blood filled vessel has not been used on the map device.

After completing a Ritual Encounter, you can right-click the ritual with a ritual vessel to store the monsters from the completed ritual in this item, creating a Blood-filled Vessel.

Using a Ritual Vessel will only store newly generated monsters in the specific Ritual Altar; monsters carried over from previous Ritual Altars will not be stored.

  • Blood-filled Vessel can be used as fragments in your map device, to force the Ritual mechanic to appear in your map.
  • Blood-filled vessels can’t be used on altars that appear in a map opened with a Blood-filled Vessel.


As stated earlier, the ritual mechanic has an 8% base chance of spawning, this can be augmented by taking ritual themed nodes on the atlas tree to increase the chance of a ritual spawning, such as the sacred lands wheel which gives you an additional 30% chance for your maps to contain ritual.

Rituals will either spawn with 3, or 4 encounters in a map, this can be made to always be 4 by taking the occult devotion node.

Its also helpful to know if you’re using at least one blood-filled vessel on the map device, you will always have 4 ritual encounters on that map, meaning you do not need to spec into Occult devotion if you’re running blood-filled-vessels.

You can also guarantee ritual to spawn via the map device (if ritual is currently available as a league mechanic) or compass mods.

Using a blood-filled vessel on a map will improve the rewards you get in rituals on the map by 20%, you can use up to four blood filled vessels on a map for a total of 80% improved rewards. While this can be very costly, it can also lead to getting some very rare rewards, it is not recommend to do this unless you are ready to lose a lot of currency before you get anything good as it is heavily RNG reliant.

Filling blood-filled vessels and selling them on the other hand can be a great way to make guaranteed profit.

You should always complete at least the third ritual encounter in a map before buying anything with favor. With this you avoid the possibility of getting a good reward but lacking the tribute to buy or defer it.

Avoid deferring a lot of expensive rewards in the same map. If you do this, you will need to choose some rewards to be left behind in future encounters, which will make them cost more the next time if they’re not deferred. And remember: if you need to leave rewards without deferring them, choose the bad or cheap ones.

If you want to add Ritual as one of the mechanics in your map runs, you can combine it with Boss/Altar farming (Searing Exarch’s and upside bosses), because all Ritual nodes on the atlas tree are close to these bosses nodes. Also, this mechanic works very well with Delirium and Beast/Possessed Spirits.


Ritual is a very simple league mechanic that can bring really good rewards such as exclusive base types and even extremely valuable items such as Divines, Meta Unique items and the Mirror of Kalandra.

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