Path of Exile – Tips for Standard League

Standard League Tips

Atlas tree is your friend. Specing specific league types can net a lot of currency even in standard. Look into Blight, Essence or Harvest specing. Corrupted essences like horror and hysteria in standard for example are 1 divine per 5 and vivid life essences for 1 divine per 3K. It sounds like a lot but if you are speced pure harvest you will get 100-700 per map.

DL Awakened POE Trade app. It is a overlay that will let you know how much something is generally worth.

Watch the “meta”. Items for “meta” builds can bring in some serious money. I like to craft and sell rightous fire helmets as they go for 26-40 divines per helm. They may sit for a while, but when they sell it’s great money.

Use Your Chaos/Regal Recipes! Even just playing casually you can net 10 chaos per 5 maps plus what drops normally. This doesn’t sound like a lot but you can use those chaos to buy things you need for your builds or “upgrade” them to divines through poe trade.

Standard league tends to be more expensive for items than in league. Learn to craft what you need as you go rather than buying it if you can. Essence, harvest and fossil crafting can more often than not be farmed out rather than paid for.

Minions. Minion builds are your friend. Zombies, Summon Raging spirits and even skeleton armies are often cheaper to gear for and easier to keep alive than most other builds at least for me. Their gear if often cheaper to produce/find or buy if need be than most other builds. Look up GhazzyTV, his builds can usually be min/maxed for 1/5th of the cost of melee or caster builds and all focus on summons. Also if you and your friend are playing together, it’s a huge boon to stack auras for extra boosts to regen and damage. Both me and my wife play together and we both run minion builds. On a 15 div budget and self found/crafted we have both managed to bring down end game bosses with 0 effort.

The “rippier” the map is the more rewards you will often get. IIQ/IIR also scale with map level and difficulty. POE is a lot of risk vs reward play style. Some days you focus on leveling and XP others focus more on currency farming. Once your build is solid enough you can focus on both at the same time.

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