PAYDAY 3 – Shanda Latrell’s Painting (True Conneisseur Achievement / Trophy)

How to Get The Shanda Latrells Painting in Under The Surphaze

The Solution:

  1. Check the statues in Managers Office.
  2. Find the room where these statues are and disable the barriers/fences for them.
  3. Get 3ppl to stand next to them and pick them up at the same time.
  4. Painting in Manager will then glow up and you can move it to then press the button wich activates Lasers down in the middle room.
  5. You can now pick up the painting.


Not sure if you can 3man it seeing as you cant crouch under the lasors but you can have a 4th man sitting in the middle and after you then have completed all other objectives you then just rush to the roof and call the chopper. As soon as you throw it in you get the achievment / trophy!


For those who wants to complete it in stealth and not trigger the alarm when leaving the painting area you can go onto cameras and it will show you a path out.

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  1. Can confirm, just done it. 3man works, just pre-position one player at the painting itself. Seems to be a “must go loud” thing as you can’t sneak underneath the lasers. But you must be in stealth up until you grab the painting.

  2. Checked: This has to BE DONE IN STEALTH all the way until u have picked up the painting itself. If u ever go loud before that you wont be able to move the painting in manager officer or grab the painting from downstairs.

  3. You can definitely 3 man it – we just did. Lasers don’t activate until you hit the button in the manager’s room. Just pick up the 3 statues and then send someone down to the painting standing inside of the half circle and then hit the manager button. Person by the painting can just pick it up after that.

    Haven’t figured out how to get out without going loud though (you can toss the painting to a friend without activating the lasers, but person stuck inside, not so much).

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