Peglin – Tips for Unlocking Characters

How to Unlock Characters

To unlock characters, you’ll need to use the original Peglin character. Here are some tips:

The Spinfection Peglin is easiest to obtain on the final boss in the castle. Utilize orbs like the one resembling a witch’s hat and the Spinfection-doubling orbs. A thinner deck helps you cycle through them faster. Relic gloves that add Spinfection on attack can also be beneficial.

Unlocking the Balladin Peglin can be challenging. The same boss mentioned earlier might be the easiest to obtain it from, as it doesn’t directly attack you. Ensure victory and use orbs that grant enough shield buff. Specific orbs used might vary.

Obtaining the Spinvention Peglin is relatively straightforward. Several orbs now apply slime on the pegs, and there are relics that add slime too. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same type of slime bouncing between pegs. Look out for orbs or relics that apply slime, as they have distinct appearances. The same boss mentioned earlier can be effective for this Peglin too, as there are many pegs close together.

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