Persona 3 Reload – Bludgeoning as Many Hands as You Want (Combat Guide)

Guide to Bludgeoning as Many Hands as You Want

Context: Someone mentioned seeing maybe 5-10 of those gold hand enemies in their 90 hours of playtime so I wrote this up. Posting here because it 20 minutes of typing on my phone I didn’t want going to waste. Who’s ready to make like Akihiro’s victims and catch these hands?

This’ll probably be more helpful to newer players.

Have you been making use of the Fortune Teller at Escapade Club in Paulonia Mall? For only ¥3000, the game congratulates you on boosting the rate of “rare enemy encounters” which are always the __ Hand enemies. Honestly, I usually won’t enter Tartarus without making that detour first.

Since it’s a random roll every time you enter a floor, here’s the move:

  • Pay ¥3000 to the fortune teller
  • Enter Tartarus
  • Teleport to the bottom of the latest block
  • Get as many Shuffle Times as possible
  • Fill out the Arcana card slots (higher EXP, stronger All-Out Attack, etc.)
  • Hit the latest floor you can reach
  • Head back, save, return to lowest floor of block
  • Pop the minimap
  • No golden enemy icon? teleport to the stairs
  • Rinse/repeat, speed-running your way back up
  • Loop steps 7-10 to your heart’s content

The cutscene showing the Hand enemy won’t always play when one’s available, but it’s as simple as checking the mini-map every time you enter the floor. Much like the legendary chests, the gold-ringed enemy dot will be visible off-map so long as it’s on the floor with you. And like I said, whether you’ve cleared already ascended the floor or not it’s a reroll of whether that enemy will spawn.

I literally wipe out a good 15+ of them per Tartarus run, and that’s with a couple of ‘em evading attacks and fleeing on round 3. Between “strong enemy” loot while filling out my Shuffle Time arcana cards, smacking every inanimate growth for floor drops on my way through the block, and picking up the Hand enemies’ loot… eh, after a visit to Officer Kurosawa I’ve usually cleared maybe ¥100K total per run by the time I get bored of crushing them beneath my boots.

Note: I’m in the third (factory) block and the Supreme Hand enemies block all magic, so the trick is to kit your party with high-accuracy weapons and dogpile the nimble bastard with physical attacks.

Note that this obviously isn’t mandatory. My strategy has been to get all my Tartarus stuff in on 1-2 nights per moon cycle, then dedicate all those free nights to raising stats. That said, I just cleared the second exam week with 5+/5+/5+ Charm, Courage, and Academics without particularly optimizing them for the first several weeks so I think I’m pretty good on stats.

Have fun becoming the apex predator of the Hands enemy type! When you see ‘em, tell ‘em Katz sent ya.

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