Persona 3 Reload – List of All Materials Required for Ultimate Equipment

All Materials Required for Ultimate Equipment

  • 19x Dead Moon’s Husk
  • 14x Saviour’s Augite
  • 125x Diamond
  • 90x Ruby
  • 1x Fallen Angel Wing (Lucifer)
  • 55x Gold Quartz
  • 1x Emperor’s Sake Cup (Masakado)
  • 8x Nihil White Model
  • 1x Rainbow Snake Scale
  • 25x Opal
  • 1x Black Pillar Shard
  • 4x Nihil Black Model
  • 1x Black Sun Candle
  • 2x Contract Angel Wing (Metatron)
  • 2x Jaw of Death (Thanatos)
  • 1x Goddess Water Lily
  • 2x Thunder Whetstone
  • 1x Carnage King’s Gear
  • 1x Wisdom King’s Locks
  • 1x Bull Warrior Horns
  • 1x Mara’s Head (Mara)
  • 1x Earth Goddess Ring
  • 1x Destroyer’s Drums (Shiva)
  • 20x Onyx
  • 1x AS Refined Material

Some materials have Personas next to them but others I am not sure which Persona gives the item.

This should be everything you need in order to get all the best equipment from the antique shop. This includes each character’s ultimate weapon, armour, and shoes, as well as the accessory required to nullify their weakness. Feel free to check through the list and let me know if anything needs to be edited.

There may be some extra materials in there because Koromaru’s armour already nullifies his weakness so I decided to get the materials for an accessory which increases magic evasion for him.

The number of Diamonds and Rubies required is ridiculous but you can buy them from Club Escapade or farm them. I am going to try to buy them by farming the Reaper as each Bloody Button sells for ¥150000.

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