Persona 3 Reload – What Makes a Persona Good?

How to Create a Good Persona

For most part of the game fusing the highest level persona available is enough tbh. I usually try to have most of the elements at my disposal on 1 or 2 personas to attack weaknesses, preferably with no elemental weaknesses and a persona for healing, enhancing and weakening.

It’s good to have specific passive skills like dodge fire repel ice, elec boost etc. A massive game changer can be skills like invigorate which restore sp every turn and victory cry which fully heal hp and sp at the end of every battle.

Most of the time you won’t get the skills you want on the persona you want. You’ll have to fuse them into each other which can be tricky but definitely doable.

Fuse as many personas as possible and check out their skills you’ll find ones that you like. Make sure the social links are high as every person’s best moves are usually at its highest level.

Hope this helps a little!


  1. You’d typically want to keep hold on multiple Personas for different occasions. Try to cover all sorts of spells since one Persona can only hold so much. You’ll discover better skills as you keep fusing and I assure you that building a good Persona isn’t really complex. It’ll come around when you reach the 60s/70s

    Let’s take “Surt” for example. He’s a really good fire Persona so we want to make use of his heavy fire damage. I’d let him inherit “fire boost” or “fire amp” from another Persona. These two spells could boost his fire damage up to a whooping 175%. Maybe toss an ice resistance skill card to cover his weakness too for good measure.

    I know I’m essentially only covering fire spells with this Persona but that’s why you have multiple slots to work with.

  2. Disclaimer that I’m just starting P3 now but have beaten 4 and 5 on the hardest difficulties

    Generally, you should ALWAYS be fusing new personas to keep up your power curve. Doesn’t matter how great your current persona is for your level, it’ll be obsolete by the next palace/moon or two. Even if you aren’t that great at fusion to start with, constantly refreshing your stock will still improve your power level on average so don’t just sit stagnant

    With fusions being the main way to progress in this game, acquiring new personas is your highest reward priority for raw materials. Hell, I’ve even been picking up old personas I previously blended up (i.em not in my current party) just to gain more potential fusions options without paying Elizabeth summoning fees, if I happen to have the space for them ofc

    As for what to fuse, I just grabbed what I could in the early game but as you gain more options, you have the privilege to specialize your personas out like having a dedicated Ice Nuke (dunno if Boost/Amp is in 3 yet), a dedicated physical attacker, sometimes a dedicated support (X Element with off-support usually suffices). With Support, debuffs are highly action-efficient for your most important fights against strong single enemies, making up for their uselessness in most mob fights; stat buffs become better strategic choices the later in the game you are but +attack is useful as soon as you get it.

  3. Don’t be afraid to fuse even your most favorites. There’s usually three or so specialty/unique ones that I’ll stack so perfectly I really just need that persona plus one or two with extra passive spells to round out. I’ve stalled out my game and progression because I’ve hit that ceiling and you HAVE to break down what’s good to build what will be better.

    You may not love what comes next as much as fortuna but forever let her guide how you build them. She taught you what you value most — some part of you knows the answer to your question because each person’s play/fight style will be different.

    What works for me:

    Rule of thumb is have every spell across your various personas with two empty spaces free to catch new guys. Even if it’s only a maragi and not a single + multi fire spell, it’ll do in a pinch.

    Figure out your favourites and be prepared to have the game tear about your expectations of enemy patterns/tendencies. I will always value my rakunda/rakukujas because I’m a baby who’s scared of dying. After over 15 years I’m a scaredy cat and I know it.

    I also tire of repetition so even when it’s perfect I want a new challenge so I just find it fun to roll the dice and see what I can make.

    Respect your attributes. Don’t put chance of auto kill spells on a persona with low luck — raise your personas magic if they’re you’re main elements wielder, etc.

    I personally like to have like 2 elements, 1 physical, 1 jinx, 1 passive aid on each persona. Maybe 2 physical types and 1 element. I will still make a persona that has all my passive aids if needed and look forward to being a fusion dummy.

    And lastly, on that note, it’s nice to build them specifically for fusion versus for battle. Makes completing the compendium smoother and more efficient.

    Ultimately I want my personas to make me feel secure in a caught-off-guard battle. If I drop into a boss fight will I struggle or be fine? That’s how I gauge if they’re ready.

  4. Have a couple of personas able to cover every damage type between them in both single target and multiple target. This includes physicals.

    Eventually you’ll narrow it down to each persona only having one or two types supplemented by passive skills that increase their damage or make it easier to inflict statuses. Such as having Ailment Boost+Freeze Boost on a bufu user, but for now just try to have everything available.

    Also try to fuse something to start fights with that has auto-x skills. Auto Tarukaja, Auto Sukukaja, Auto Rakukaja (or the Ma- versions) and Auto Rebellion especially. I believe Neko Shogun can do this already?

    Oh and Leanan Sidhe or Sarasvati is nice to have on hand as a healer. Me Patra, and Mabaisuidi are going to be increasingly valuable as enemies spam aoe status conditions that prevent you from using your theurgies or all-out attacks, and having media/diarama in a pinch ain’t bad, though I try to avoid healing HP in battle if I can help it. That’s what the billion life stones you pick up from smashing lights are for.

  5. Fusing, fusing, fusing. Not only do you get access to better skills but also more personas who have lesser elemental weaknesses for the enemies to abuse.

    Later down the line you can complement your Personas with skill cards to reduce/negate their weakness(es). If you like a certain Persona because you like their looks you could just do that. Or you try to fuse your Persona to get all the skills you want to make it batshit crazy strong, which takes more effort and is sometimes a pain in the ass but oh so worth it!

    My Thanatos has for example Null physical (can’t get damaged by any physical skills) and resistance to all other elements except Light and Dark. He drains Dark (dark damage heals him) and I used a Null Light skill card to remove his one inherent weakness. As I said, it was a pain in the ass to craft but he is now recking anything while being basically invincible!

    And he looks sooooo cool!

  6. Depending on your difficulty settkng it can vary if you’re playing on normal or less just having the elemental types covered is good enough. On normal i don’t bother with keeping buffs and debuffs i just use what’s available in my party. For example when playing persona 4 Black Frost carried me all the way to the final boss because his ice dark and fire were all amped so even getting higher level personas that had those moves still weren’t dealing as much damage as he was. As you get to harder and up buffs and debuffs matter so much more. They can be the difference between life and death. In general you want higher level personas with the higher level versions of the elemental attack types but there are exceptions to the rule.

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