Persona 3 Reload – What’s The Point of Social Links?

Explanation of Social Links

The female members of your party get social links, the males got extra hangout scenes that are new to Reload, but not their own SLs.

As far as what the point of them, it’s really just to get to know the characters if you don’t care about the fusion boost or ultimate personas. There’s no extra abilities for doing a social link.

It is worth doing the social links you like though. The voice acting and character models makes this a drastic improvement from previous versions of P3, and gave me extra appreciation for characters

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  1. the female members have social links, not the men(the things they took from us by taking femc). you also get additional dialogue per SL completed at the end.

    This was their first take on the system, so its natural that it isn’t as refined as p5. They’re there to be part of the story and provide the few gameplay benefits you already mentioned. They didn’t evolve into anything more until p4 when party members got buffs from links and again in p5 where everyone gave you something.

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