Placid Plastic Duck Simulator – How to Unlock All Special Ducks on All Maps

All Special Ducks Guide

Infinity Cool

  • Headphones duck
  • PC duck
  • Mouse duck

These are dropped in the pool by a UFO after an amount of time. The fourth duck is behind the door, where you have to press a button with a duck shape on it.

Quacking the Ice

  • Lumberjack Duck
  • Mountain Rescue Duck
  • Skier Duck

The Lumberjack duck enters on the ice after the Zamboni leaves the garage for the second time. The Mountain Rescue Duck enters with a duck that has gotten lost down the mountain.

The Skier Duck has to be knocked out of the tree on a timed event from a woodpecker, then be warmed up to melt the ice surrounding it.

Hippospace Download

  • Astronaut duck
  • TV duck
  • UFO duck

The Astronaut duck is in the space shuttle. To unlock it, another duck must switch places with it in the shuttle by touching the light colored teleporter inside of the dome building.

The TV duck is in the dispenser of the panel with lights inside the dome building. Pressing the dark circular button will open the dispenser.

The UFO duck needs another duck to get stuck on the X mark ontop of the dome building to set it free, after said duck is launched by the duck launcher in that direction.

All Maps

  • Toy Box Duck

The Toy Box duck is unlocked after you play the Quiet Quest 2 arcade minigame in So Many Ducks DLC and grab the item.

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