Plantera 2: Golden Acorn – Mouse and Keyboard Camera Controls

Camera Controls

I thought it was a good idea to make a thread about this since the tutorial for the camera controls can be “skipped” in the game if you have already moved the camera around.

You can move the camera by holding the right mouse button down and moving the mouse.

Or you can use the keyboard for the camera and some other shortcut commands instead of using the mouse or buttons. The controls for the camera is the arrow keys or the A and D keys to scroll left or right.

If using the keyboard you can also jump back and forth between the two expand-garden signs by pressing the Q key to jump to the left sign or the E key to jump to the right sign (or the page up and page down keys)

(When you have expanded the garden far enough you will also be able to jump like this with the mouse by using the arrow icons that will appear on your HUD).

  • You can also use W and S to scroll up and down.
  • X and C can be used to scroll slower (nice for a panoramic view of the garden)
  • R and F can also be used to pan slowly up an down.
  • Press T to jump to the top of the Oak Tree or G to jump to the ground.
  • Tab can be used to open or close the shop (or click on the shop tab).
  • It is also possible to swap shop tabs with the number keys instead of clicking on the tabs.

When you have unlocked the Oak Tree hole you can enter it with the O key (or click on the Tree icon on the HUD or the actual hole in the tree itself)

You can click on the cancel icon on the top right to cancel something you are about to buy or trash, or you can press the ESC key to cancel or close most things.

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