Prison Architect – Best Way to Increase Safety

How to to Increase Safety in Prison

You need to be able to understand Securitisation. This concept of security focuses on the analytical side of determining what is and is not a security threat.

To understand how to make your prison more secure, you must understand the basic tasks of security management:

  • Pinpoint important assets
  • Plan and implement risk and threat tests
  • Keep a company-accessible record of procedures and policies
  • Stop key intelligence and data from being stolen
  • Prevent terrorist and extremist attacks
  • Thwart attempts at fraud
  • Alleviate service disruption in the event of natural disasters
  • Ensure the safety of employees

By referring to this, you can effectively identify the right security strategies.

The set of principles should be adopted based on:

  • Being informed on pertinent data.
  • Having a clear direction.
  • Being independent of outside line-management.
  • Co-operating with other departments or agencies.
  • Monitoring from upper management for quality control.
  • Consistency of practice and deliverance of goals.
  • Ability to adapt to unpredictability.
  • Being efficacy-focused.
  • Being adopted by all staff.
  • Being financially, socially, and ethically sound

Here is an example:

  • Having the Guard take shifts to prevent him or her from being fatigued from their workload.
  • Having the Guard access to the entire facility for when there is an outbreak he or she can effectively adapt to the situation. This could mean changing some of the facilities layout.
  • Placing CCTV Cameras in areas they would be most effective. In points of domination inside of the room to have a complete field of view, or in areas where they are given the most field of view.
  • Breaking down on contraband. This could mean placing detectors and security patrols in areas where this may be most common, such as a cafeteria or yard. You could have an airlock type system between the yard and the prison facility.
  • Satisfying the prisoners needs, and possibly some of their wants. Referring to Maslow’s hierarchy of basic functions, the number 1 need is for the psychological state of the prisoner to be fullfilled. This is requirements like eating, drinking, sanitation, and so on.
  • To sum it up, the security of individuals is heavily similar to Maslow’s hierarchy. If a need is ignored, it could lead to a revolt.
  • Access control to regulate entry and exit points within the prison.
  • Youself being aware of security concerns such as a tunnel under the prisoner’s cell, faulty security systems such as failing detectors and attackers gaining access to weapons, loopholes in the security strategy overall. Remember, no security strategy is secure if one part is ignored; that single weakness could lead to the decay of security.

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