Project Zomboid – How to Distract Zombies

Distracting Zombies

You can absolutely distract them with anything that makes noise consistently. Stack 24-48~ digital watches in a pile timed to go off an 30-60 mins after eachother and you’ve got a permanent noise maker.

Turn on a TV real loud, Place a radio somewhere and jack up the volume. Set up a walkie talkie with max volume, tune a second to the same frequency and be in range of it, when you shout it’ll come out the other walkie talkie too (So obviously, be far enough away that the zombies wont hear you), Find a cop car or ambulance and move it somewhere ideal, set the siren off and it’ll keep going till the battery is dry.

There’s also craftable noise makers. There’s findable alarm clocks that can also be given an alarm just like a watch, but makes noise in a bigger area…

Honk a vehicle horn, Set off a bomb timed or otherwise, fire a shotgun at one end and run to the other, Shouting of course, setting off a house alarm (though this is admittedly not so easy in vanilla, since you can’t tell what buildings do or dont have one), set up a generator in an area you want to distract them, Light a couple fires….

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