Punch Club 2: Fast Forward – High Rage / Mood Tips

Try Your Best to Maintain High Rage / Mood

High rage gives a decent buff to work and training efficiency(not sure if it affects Silver’s Gym training).

Medium rage doesn’t give any buff or debuff.

Low rage gives HUGE debuff to work and training efficiency. Don’t ever reach this point, ever!

Ways to Increase Rage

Fighting gives quite a lot of rage. Either win or lose, you will get a nice quantity.

Soda gives 8 rage, a bit of energy and a bit of food. It costs 22 moneys. Not sure if this is money-efficient.

Watching TV at home is a very efficient way to get mood. The catch is that it only increases your rage up to the medium point. You can’t reach high rage with that. It’s a great way to avoid getting to low rage.


One could fight silver and lose to get a mood boost. You will lose HP. The question is: is the HP loss worth it for getting the rage buff?

One could spend money on soda. Perhaps this is a good choice when the player is making nice money.

One should watch TV to maintain medium rage. One could even disregard rage completly and just watch TV when the situation is dire.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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