Quest Master – FAQ (How-To Guide)

Frequently Asked Question

Where are my dungeons stored?

They are stored inside the Dungeons folder insider your game installation directory. In Steam, you can open that by right clicking the game.

They end with .dungeon and have a unique sequence of characters assigned as their name. Feel free to rename the file name to whatever you want. Keep in mind that it does not affect the game however.

Can I update an existing dungeon I uploaded before?

Yes! If you click upload again, it will just update the already uploaded one.

Can I close / lock stairwells?

Not yet! This is planned, but since it’s just a quality of life feature, it’s not is high priority at the moment! For now, you can place a retractable block or locked block respectively to close or lock a door!

How to transfer my dungeons/save game/settings from the demo into the full game?

Simply copy the Dungeons folder, SaveGame.json and Settings.json respectively from the demo installation folder into the full game installation folder.

You can open the installation folder by right clicking the game on steam.

How to put things into a pot / chest / other container?

To put an object into a container like a pot or a chest, simply drag and drop the object onto the container. You can also open the context menu (press and hold the container) to add additional objects, like a bomb or an explosion.

How to create a dark room?

Place down either a floor or wall torch and click it once. Clicking it toggles its state, so its switches between lit and unlit. The ratio of unlit to lit torches determintes the darkness of your room.


  • So if you have 5 lit torches and 5 unlit torches, the room has a darkness of 50%.
  • If you have 1 unlit torch, and no lit torches, the room is 100% dark, pitch black.

You can exclude torches from affecting the darkness by turning their illumination property in the context menu off (to open the context menu, press and hold the torch).

How to move / copy rooms to other floors?

Select the area to be copied with the selection tool (and make sure to have copy mode enabled if you want to copy it), then simply pick it up and change the floor with either the hotkeys (O and L/shoulder buttons by default) or click the floor buttons in the UI.

Some dungeon parts don’t appear in my book. How to access them?

Some parts have variants that you can switch between in the context menu. To open it, press and hold the dungeon part you placed down.

Many objects have variants so always make sure to try out and see if it opens the context menu!


  • Pressing and holding down on a door allows you to switch between an open, closed and locked door.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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