RAID: Shadow Legends – Tips for Beginners

Useful Tips for New Players

For starter champ, I would say elhain and kael are about equal, kael require acc so he is harder to build for early game while elhain is pure damage.

For champ assertion, do not sacrifice any rare epic or legendary champ till you understand the game, odds are you will be using alot of rares eirly on and which ones are good or bad doesn’t make itself clear till you play the game for a while, hell, what makes some champs good doesn’t make itself clear even after playing for over a year, some you have to take to 60 and use to understand what makes them good.

I would say keep 2 armigers locked and feed armigers into them for skill ups, you wont use them for a while but when you need them they will likely be max skilled, it takes VERY specific champs to out right replace armigers.

For champion stats, any non attack champion is usable at 50, they will just be squishyier and do less damage, for attack champions, the only reason they exist unlocks at level 60, acc is required for champs who debuff, a good saftey number is 200 for doungeons before hard mode, 350 for doomtower hard, and 550 for iron twins and sand devil alon with ice spider in doomtower, phantom shogun requires a different stratagy to beat and can be done with rares with no acc. for resistance, its near worthless outside of very specific scenerios and sets, toxic and regen are good for resistance, so make note of those, but till you REALLY need it its a worthless stat.

For gear, you are going to want to aim for around 170 speed, this is about the level of speed you have without speed boots in ok gear, because you are going to use speed boots, you want to aim for around 200 with 200 acc on your debuffer.

For goals, you want them to be:

  1. Stage 12-3 brutal, this is the exp farm stage, you want to be able to solo it, you starter is able to do this, dont bother with nightmare till you can 2 man it and you arent doing this for a long time.
  2. Getting a team together, this will most likely have warmaiden as a defense down champ, so farm her and feed copies into her to book her
  3. When you get a team together, and you starter is 60, go over to minotaur and see how high you can go before you die, do not keep doing it, just poke it likely you will need to gem masteries on your starter, you should be given enough gems to both buy the gem mines and masteries,
  4. After getting masteries, see if you can get further in minotaur, if you can see how high you go, if you get to 15, mintaur is your life now till everyone on your team is full masteries,
  5. If you cant, you are going to go to dragon and see how high you can go, and spider, if you can get to spider 10, stop and farm out an acc banner for each character that needs acc, ANY banner works at this point with acc as a main stat, stage 10 rewards you a stange amount of higher end gear, to the point its better to do 10 than any other stage till I think 17 or 18, but you likely wont be able to do that till you make a specific spider team, thats future you problems.
  6. If you cant get to spider 10 or you can and already got the acc banners, you next goal is dragon 20, you will stop at stages 7,11,16 to farm, these are optimal stages to farm till you hit 20, do the highest one you can 100% finish.

You will unlock doomtower at some point, you can not do doomtower when you unlock it unless you know exactly what you are doing so dont bother beyond pokeing at it,

You will join a clan/team, this will unlock clan boss and hydra, you can not do hydra when you unlock it, but poke it till you can get a chest on normal, this will eventually get you one of the best champs in the game,

Clanboss/demonlord is where you get all your resources to do fusions from, up to nightmare you are able to do it just by brute forcing better gear, unm requires specific types of champs, but you can use a vast aray of champs as succeeding here is more about sustain than it is actually doing damage.

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