Railway Empire 2 – Warehouse Strategy

Warehouse Strategy Tips

My current method is to have 3 stations per city: Passenger, Mail and Freight. The reason is to minmax money for express goods.


Express lines: I connect 3 cities via a double track for express which goes spearately into mail and passanger stations at every city, so I buy separate trains for them too. (One in every three city has a maintanence in both station.)

With these network of mini-lines express goods are fine, since these “goods” dont mind train-hopping.

Rural to city goods are get their dedicated line from source to their factory.

Complete Map

I put central warehouses next to a rural business which provide city-needed goods (so I can cover 7 goods at once).

And they get connected via a big freight highway network which doesn’t go through any intermediate station, and every warehouse/-city got their separate line (not tracks!) from there to optimize it further.


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