Rain World – Useful Tips for Beginners

Gameplay Tips for New Players

Some tips for new players:

Follow the yellow guide and try to understand the creatures around you.

Holding the map key lets you see a map to see previously explored areas, tapping the map key lets you see how much time is left until rain (the small circles in the bottom left corner).

Slugcat always throws the item in it’s right hand first (left from player perspective), double tap grab to swap items between your hands.

Pressing grab while holing down lets you drop items without throwing them.

It literally took me 60 hours to get out of Outskirts on my first playthrough, amd i didn’t care at all about that back then. This is not “first zone”, it is a place. Just a place, you can take your time there if you wish or exit it, the choice doesn’t matter much ultimately.

Rain World is absolutely a game where experience and repetition helps. If you want a general idea of where to go… it’s upwards. Some rooms may have a sort of ‘directional’ vibe to them, and I recommend following those. Patience and progress go hand in hand. Sometimes, in order to continue, you have to take the time to sit with the danger and figure out what makes it tick.

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