Remnant 2 – Annihilation Fight Tips

How to Beat Annihilation

The biggest part of this fight is trying to filter what your eyes are getting assaulted by and listen to the audio cues. Every sword swing has a schwing noise that plays with an acceptable window to dodge out.

The sword plunge/AoE moves have their timing a bit off what it should be, you want to dodge slightly earlier than it makes sense to dodge.

You pretty much have to shoot the floating balls to at least reduce their number, as they can do 3-4 healthbars worth of damage and the homing on them makes them ridiculous to try to dodge/ignore.

The second phase gets jank, as the teleports don’t have their audio cues on half the paused attacks, and it doesn’t orient your camera where the boss in the other world is Kind of have to hope you don’t need to spin 360 to find what part of the new arena you’re looking at is, which is meh. Bad implementation on some of this drives it to luck, but you can compensate for cheap shots by getting a little DR or the cat ring.

There are a couple of semi-rare instances where he can just spam 8-9 attacks in a row which is goofy and is more stamina to perfect dodge than you likely have, so you kind of just have to eat a hit or two if that happens. Seems to be part of the jank in the 2nd phase as well.

Try to avoid the tentacles as well. Just helped someone out with this fight, and they clip you into walls and through the floor and instakill you if the game teleports you onto them. Probably only a MP issue as the game forces you into one of the open squares as player 1, probably to cover up this issue.

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