Remnant 2 – How to Farm Blood Moon Essence

Blood Moon Essence

Actual answer here: The wisps that drop the Blood Moon Essence are rare and only spawn during a Bloodmoon in Yaesha.

How to Get a Bloodmoon?

Teleport out of Yaesha completely and return to a point other than your last checkpoint and go outside, if the trees are red, and there’s a giant red moon in the sky you will see wisps floating around.

Just FYI, teleporting between points in Yaesha when the Bloodmoon is active doesn’t get rid of the Bloodmoon.

The best spots for farming these are:

  • The Far Woods
  • The Root Nexus.

Good luck!


  1. I have rerolled 4 times plus main campain. Got 9 at Main campain then not a singel Essence getting crazy here need the summoner for my build but it dosent spawn. Must be a bug

  2. Spawn in faithless ticket (after boss fight), there is always 4 blood moon essence spawning here. I have farmed over 50 essence here.

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