Remnant 2 – Secret Archetype (Engineer)

How to Unclok Engineer

I can confirm that Engineer does exist. I found my version of the Engram for it in The Aeon Vault in the second half of N’Erud. But I believe it can also be found in the Timeless Horizon, the 2nd tileset/region that the game chooses between it and The Aeon Vault.

From where I found my version, you need to skim around the top/north and north/west top/west of the map. Stay close enough to where you get the instant-death buildup for going too far, and keep going/skimming the map border until you find the rock formation that looks identical to this one.

Note, this is if you have The Aeon Vault which is where I found my version of the Engineer Engram. I don’t know where specifically/direction-wise it would be in the other tileset that would be chosen by the game over The Aeon Vault so you’ll need to do some digging of your own. Hope it helps.

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  1. I can’t find the engineer in timeless horizon in the guide on you tube it says in the second overland area that is timeless horizon I can’t find it rund around multiple times, could it be that it sometimes don’t spawn so I have to retry it in adventure or next campaign?

  2. Concerning the Engineer, I can confirm I got it on the second map of N’Erud, Timeless horizon. Now, I have been wondering, it was near the Astropath’s Respite and close to metal plate on the floor, past a H”Human” settlement. Is there maybe a pattern here? I insist a lot about these metal plates on the floor, it was the only time I saw them and they have no real reason to exist….

  3. I got found the Engineer in Timeless Horizon, can confirm it is in that one too! It has to be the second explore-able zone for that planet.

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