Renryuu: Ascension – Secret Hot Spring Walkthrough

Secret Hot Spring Puzzle

To unlock the secret hot spring, you have to talk with six npcs: In Aldlyn, Ebron, Parverhill, Red Keep, Thremten and Witton. But you must have Mirel in your party already.

In Ebron talk with a child, in Witton talk with the person near snowman, in Parverhill talk to the woman in a big house, in Thremten talk with the green-haired man, in Red Keep talk with the sleepy guard near tent, in Aldlyn talk with the visitors of the Inn.

It’s also necessary that you had the events with Mira and Mirel at the festival of Thremten and that your relationship with them is high enough.

If all conditions are fulfilled you can go to the top right corner of the Calbridge Stronghold, pass the gamble on a small mountain path, and press the action button on the tile directly on the border of the map.

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