Resident Evil 4 – Easy Handcannon Strategy

Handcannon Strategy

So you can’t use bonus weapons… But, it doesn’t say anything about bonus outfits. So what I’m thinking is…

  • Play through the game, unlock infinite ammo rocket launcher
  • play through a few times to save up money to buy it and unlock the unbreakable knife
  • Play through on professional (new game +) with unbreakable knife and infinite rocket launcher. Rush to get S rank
  • Equip aim assist helmet and the knight armor on Ashley.
  • Go into new game (Professional) and play through USING bonus weapons to try for S+
  • Equip cat ears from S+ Professional
  • Go into new game (professional) again. Cat ears gives infinite ammo on all guns

Ta da, you can now use any gun you want (aside from the bonus weapons) and have infinite ammo. And with Ashley’s armor she can’t take damage so you don’t even need to protect her.

Granted this strat requires multiple play throughs BUT from what I can tell this seems to be the easiest way to get handcannon by essentially focusing the outfit grind through a series of New Game +’s and using those outfits to make a brand new save a cake walk. Any thoughts? Not sure if there’s a quicker way.

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