Rise of Industry – Wateworld Scenario Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Setup

In this chapter, we will set up your game for the walkthrough.

  • Start the game
  • Go to settings / Gameplay
  • Configure it as seen in the bellow screenshot:

Set Autosave Interval to 10 Minutes. This is important, because when you get a negative event, like huricane, you basically lost, so you will need to reload your last save game and hope that you will not get it again. When you are lucky and get a positive event, you should save the game immediatelly, don’t rely on autosave functionality.

Set Automated Warehouses to Off. In this scenario, we will focus on utmost efficiency, therefore we will set each delivery manually.

Set Slow Down During PR/Auction to On, since we don’t want to miss any auctions.

Set Auto Wait Till Full to On, since this will prevent you from mistakes, like sending out a ship with only 1 good on board.

Now, go to New Game / Load Scenario / Waterworld and click on Start a Scenario

Go to the R&D page:

  • At the beginning, you can pick 3 for free from the tech tree. Select:
  • Fields&Harvesters/+10 gatherer storage (200K)
  • Fields&Harvesters/+2 land harvesters (400K)
  • Glass&Metallurgy/Steel (400K)

Put into the R&D queue the following:

  • Efficiency/R&D Monthly Investment (200K)
  • Efficiency/Gatherers HR lvl1 (400K)
  • Efficiency/Factories HR lvl1 (400K)
  • Adv.Distribution/Boat Depot (400K)
  • Basic Distribution/+1 Truck Capacity (1.8M)
  • Home Goods/Copper Tubing (400K)
  • Efficiency/Gatherers HR lvl2 (1.8M)
  • Fields&Harvesters/+2 Coastal Harvesters (400K)
  • Adv.Distribution/+5 Boat Capacity (1.8M)
  • Glass&Metallurgy/Cans (1.8M)

Chapter 2: Steel Industry (Year 1)

In this chapter, we will discuss what to do with your startup money.

Place your Headquarter in Kandiyohi. You can put it anywhere inside that state, even on a remote island without road connection. Dont put it at the city, because you want to save the space for your industry.

Since we started with the Steel R&D, you will get steel contracts anytime randomly. Always accept them and always deliver them! They are very profitable!

Build 2 coal mines with a warehouse and 2 iron mines with a warehouse.

Deliver ores from the mines to the nearby warehouse. Deliver iron ore from the warehouse near the iron mines to the warehouse near coal mines.

Create a road from the Coal Warehouse to Kandiyohi city. Deliver the coal from the warehouse to Kandiyohi’s HW Store with max sent: 9, min kept: 10, and to Emporium HW Store with max sent: 9, min kept: 10. (they are around equally profitable)

Disable both warehouses to save upkeep. For the iron mine, disable auto delivery of items with “all off”. Note that disabled warehouses can receive goods, but can not deliver goods. While disabled, the building upkeep is very low, therefore enabling/disabling warehouses is a key micromanagement task to save money during this walkthrough. I will not mention it all the time, so keep micromanaging it by yourself.

Wait until 10 iron was delivered to the iron warehouse and transfer them to the coal warehouse by enabling the iron warehouse

Once the iron got delivered, enable the coal warehouse.

Build 5 Steel Smelters one-by-one without causing any trafic jam and stalled factories. Don’t rush it!

Deliver coal directly to 4 factories with max sent: 2 (2 factories for each coal mine)

Note: You can do this with iron mines too (use max sent: 4), but the magic threshold is 650. So if you can deliver iron ores from iron mines to factories for less then 650, then it is worth doing.

  • Wait until Efficiency/R&D Monthly Investment R&D finishes
  • Set R&D to 250K
  • Wait until Efficiency/Gatherers HR lvl1 R&D finishes

Increase efficiency of the two iron mines and coal mines to 125%. Note that the numbers in the game are pretty misleading, because 125% will have same efficiency (same upkeep/product), but produce more products, therefore more sales and more profit.

Here is the math:

  1. On 75%, you pay 30.94K upkeep and production time is 20 days, which results in 30/20*5=7.5 product/ month. 31.94/7.5=4.26K upkeep/product (lower efficiency, dont go below 100%)
  2. On 100%, you pay 41.25K upkeep and production time is 15 days, which results in 30/15*5=10 products/month. 41.25/10=4.125K upkeep/product.
  3. On 125%, you pay 51.56K upkeep and production time is 12 days, which results in 30/12*5=12.5 products/month. 51.56/12.5=4.125K upkeep/product (51.56/9.375 = 5.5K + 2K)
  4. On 150%, you pay 61.88K upkeep and production time is 10 days, which results in 15 products/month. 61.88/15=4.125K upkeep/product

To summarize the production upkeep/product math: 75%: 4.26K; 100%: 4.125K; 125%: 4.125K; 150%: 4.125K. Which means 100%, 125% and 150% will have same cost per product. Note: In this scenario, we have 75% efficiency by default, which means we have 4.125/0.75=5.5K upkeep/product.

Note: In this scenario, we have 75% efficiency by default, which means we have 4.125/0.75=5.5K upkeep/product.

  • Wait until you have enough iron ore in the coal warehouse and build the 6th steel smelter.
  • Wait until Efficiency/Factories HR lvl1 R&D finishes
  • Increase efficiency of all factories to 125%.

Deliver Steel contracts as soon as you can. If you are unlucky and didn’t get any steel contracts or the quantity of your first delivery is big, then you may want to take a temporary 5M loan. Pay it back after delivering first or second steel contract, because we can not afford to pay the interest for that loan.

Congratulations, you have completed chapter 2 and you built up quickly your own steel industry that allows you to fullfill very profitable steel contracts.

Chapter 3: Wantagh (Year 1-4)

In this chapter, we will buy Wantagh and extend our industry

  • Get a single loan of 15M with 5 years.
  • Build 2 Sand collectors and 1 Lumberyard in Kandiyohi. Keep space for +2 sand harvesters. Build it as close as possible to the HW Store and send the products directly to the Store without any warehouse. Set Efficiency to 125%
  • On the small island between
  • Buy Wantagh
  • Build a Lamberyard in Wantagh similar to Kandiyohi
  • On the small island, build offshore oil drill and warehouse and deliver it to Wantagh. Set Efficiency to 125%

Build 2 oil drills and a warehouse. We dont have boat R&D yet, just collect oil into the warehouse. Disable the warehouse to reduce upkeep. Set Efficiency to 125%

Wait for Boat R&D and that you have at least 20 oil in the warehouse.

Build a dock in Playa Fortuna. On the destination page, set.

Build dock to the oil warehouse.

Important: Here is a way to use shipping efficiently with micromanagement that you need to follow to make business profitable.

You need to continously check oil quantity in oil warehouse, if you have 10 oil, then enable the warehouse for a day, then disable it again. You only need to enable it to send the ship out.

When the oil ship arrives in Playa Fortuna, enable the warehouse, and send based on demand to Playa Fortuna HW Store. You need to enable the warehouse on first and 15th of every month for one day to deliver the goods to the shop. Set oil delivery also to Wantagh HW Store, but with min kept: 24 and max sent: 8.

Depending on how much cash you have currently from the steel contracts, keep reading the walkthrough or take a month break to have some cash at hand by delivering steel contracts. The +1 Truck Capacity R&D is very important, do not reduce R&D spending.

Build a gas pump on the island, set up a dock and deliver gas to Playa Fortuna and keep micromanaging the warehouse enable/disable state as discussed earlier.

Keep micromanaging until +1 Truck Capacity R&D finishes.

On the small island between Kandiyohi and Wantach, place 2 Sand collectors and 1 lumber yard with 3 harvesters. Place some samplings, so that in a year, you can put 2 more lumber harvesters.

On another island, build a copper mine and wait until you have 10 copper in the warehouse.

Build 3 factories there and produce copper tubes.

Ship copper tubes to Playa Fortuna and sell it there.

Once you have cans, extend your steel industry and build a poor mans bridge with terraforming.

Sell Steel and Cans to the Ironmongery.

Congratulation, you have finished Chapter 3 and extended your economy with Wantagh.

Chapter 4: Door Industries (Year 4-8)

In this chapter, we will buy a competitor to get Playa Fortuna and Clearview for half the price to extend our industry

At the end of October of Year 4, Door Industries will try to buy Wantagh or Clearview. If you get a permit request from Door Industries to Wantagh, then you were unlucky and this walkthrough will not match your game. If this happens, load an older save game and try again. What you need is following auction:

What is so special about this auction? Door Industries has a value of 7.59M, while the auction value is 10.59M. So Door Industries will be worth 18.18M after the auction.

You should have 6M left in your loan from Playa Fortuna and you should have 3M cash at hand. Reshuffle your loan, by getting a 10M loan, pay off the 6M loan of Playa Fortune. Now, you can get in Playa Fortuna a 15M loan. Get it and pay off your 10M loan. So overall, you should have a single 15M loan with a free slot.

  • Buy 90% of the stocks of Door Industries.
  • Let Door Industries win the auction.
  • Get a 10M loan for 6 years (next to your 15M loan).
  • Buy remaining 10% of Door Industries to acquire Playa Fortuna and Clearview.
  • Build 3 sand collectors and 1 lumberyard to Playa Fortuna.

Build 2 sand collectors and 1 lumberyard to Clearview.

Build a warehouse with dock in Columbus.

Build 2 oil drills with warehouses and ship it to Columbus. (Keep doing micromanagement as before)

Once Kandiyohi levels up, select Ironmongery as new shop. Build a Copper industry and ship it to the new Ironmongery in Kandiyohi.

From here on, your economy should prosper. You can try to finish the game on your own. Its not so hard from here on.

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