Roblox – Evade Codes

Greetings from Evade! Among the most played Roblox games available is this one. The goal is straightforward: use all available measures to live for as long as possible, including hiding or engaging the eerie evil men that are pursuing you in combat.

There are several game types, maps, and cosmetic items to be unlocked in addition to unique equipment.

All Active / Valid Evade Codes

  • luckyday – Free St Paddys pin
  • therealdeal – Bird Badge

Expired Evade Codes

  • HolidayUpdateFixEXP
  • HolidayUpdateFix
  • 1bill

How to Redeem Codes in Evade

Here’s how to acquire your free prizes from Evade—redeeming coupons is really simple.

  • Click the Twitter icon (the blue bird) in the lower left corner of the game’s main menu.
  • After entering the code in the box, press Enter.
  • If the code has been successful, a notice will appear at the bottom of your screen!

Code not functioning or displaying the warning “Invalid” code? This indicates that either the code has expired or you typed it wrong.


  • F – Equip/unequip light item
  • 1, 2 – Use utility or usable
  • CTRL / C – Crouch/Slide/Bash door
  • R – Turn back (Cannot have an item currently equipped)
  • G – Emote (Requires an equipped emote!)
  • T – Whistle
  • O – Change Point of View
  • M – Return to the menu
  • N – Open VIP server menu (VIP only)
  • TAB – Open in-game leaderboard


  • Click on Play or Other Modes to join.
  • Once the round starts, keep moving to survive the bot.
  • You will receive rewards for your best time!
  • Use your rewards to buy items in the shop.

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