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In Roblox, battles of wit function differently than they do in real life. Take Kingerman Creations’ Hack Simulator as an example. Your typing speed and IQ will soar in this captivating idle game just by reading a book or spending time in front of a computer.

After that, you’ll utilize your newly acquired intelligence to trick monsters and earn awards. Achievements are traded for new level access.

All Active / Valid Hack Simulator Codes

  • volcano – Receive 8,500 Trophies! (New)
  • Update3 – Receive 4,500 Trophies! (New)

Expired Hack Simulator Codes

  • release!
  • bugfix
  • Update1
  • Update2

How to Redeem Codes in Hack Simulator

Hack Simulator codes may be redeemed using the Codes menu. Proceed as directed below.

  • To access the Codes menu, click the blue Twitter symbol located on the right side of the screen.
  • In the text area marked “Enter Code,” type the code.
  • Press the verdant Redeem icon to send the code.
  • Should the redemption be successful, a celebration horn sound will be heard.
  • Should the redemption fail, a buzzer sound will be heard.

If your initial redemption doesn’t work, always double-check for spelling, letter-casing, space, numerals, and special characters. If these modifications do not alter the outcomes, you can then conclude that the code is broken or out-of-date.

About the Game

  • To raise your IQ and gain more information, read books!
  • To increase your typing speed, use a computer to type!
  • Discover and gather new animals in your initial area as well as others!
  • While playing the game, premium gamers receive a permanent bonus!

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