Roblox – How to Get Portals in Anime Last Stand

How to Obtain Portals

If you want to obtain portals, you have to do infinite. You have to kill the bosses, and you have to play throughout the infinite and die in order to get portals.

The chance to get portals are 10%, No clue on the secret yet. The tiers are 1-5 with certain type of challenges.

So for example “immunity”, “barebones”, “flight” and etc. The tier 6 if you will would be the secret and the secret portal is a 1 life thing, so if you die… you die.

The modifiers of Portals:

  • Tier 1: 0 Health Mod.
  • Tier 2: +25% Health Mod.
  • Tier 3: +50% Health Mod.
  • Tier 4: +150% Health Mod.
  • Tier 5: +200% Health Mod.
  • Tier 6: Secret Portal.

Portals will appear right here:

Note: Also to clarify, each portal has 1 Life. So please play with your fellow pros to lock in those games.

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