Roblox – Stat Explanation in Anime Last Stand

Stat Explanation

  • Damage – How much Damage the unit deals.
  • Cooldown – How long it takes for the unit to attack.
  • DPS – How much Damage the unit deals every second.
  • DPS Per Range – How much damage the unit deals every second * Range.
  • GDPS / Group DPS – How much Damage the unit deals every second * Placement.
  • GDPS Per Range – DPS Per Range * Placement.
  • Money / Damage – How much money you use per DPS. The lower the number the better the unit is for Cost Efficiency.
  • Special / Ability – Hover your mouse over status effect to get more information. Hover you mouse over this one as an example.

Note: Every units GDPS is counted with 1 of the guys hitting for his/her status effect. Meaning that DPS is with bleed and GDPS only count 1 of the 5 placement count as bleed. This would also mean that some DPS/GDPS are incorrect so do not take these numbers at face value.

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