Royal Match – Gameplay Tips

Useful Tips for New Players

Creating and Using the Power-Ups

Rocket, TNT, Propeller, and Light Ball are the power-ups that can be created by matching four or more of the same-colored items.

You can either tap or swap any power-up to activate it. 

  • Rocket clears all items in a column or a row depending on which direction it is pointed. You can create a Rocket by matching four same-colored items in a line!
  • Propeller clears a random game element. You can create a Propeller by matching four same-colored items in a square. When taking off, Propeller also clears neighboring tiles.
  • TNT clears the items within a two-tile radius. You can create TNT by matching 5 same-colored items in an L or T-shape.
  • Light Ball clears all items of the same color. You can create a Light Ball by matching five same-colored items in a line.

Power-up Combinations

Combining power-ups creates a bigger explosion and helps you clear more tiles.

  • Rocket + Rocket clears the row and the column of that tile.
  • Rocket + TNT clears three rows and three columns of that tile.
  • TNT + TNT clears the items within a four-tile radius.
  • Propeller + Propeller creates three Propellers that clear three random game elements. When taking off, Propellers also clear neighboring tiles.
  • Propeller + Rocket or TNT makes the Propeller carry the TNT or Rocket along with it to a random tile. When taking off, the Propeller combination also clears neighboring tiles.
  • Light Ball + Rocket or TNT or Propeller makes the Light Ball turn the most common colored items on the board into a RocketTNT, or Propeller.
  • Light Ball + Light Ball clears all the items on the board, and it also clears one layer from any game element.

Using Boosters

Boosters help you to beat levels in Royal Match more easily. You can earn boosters from various events. 

Pre-level Boosters

  • Rocket lets you start a level with a Rocket placed randomly on the board.
  • TNT lets you start a level with a TNT placed randomly on the board.
  • Light Ball lets you start a level with a Light Ball placed randomly on the board.

In-game Boosters

  • Royal Hammer clears one tile or removes one layer of any obstacle.
  • Arrow clears the row of the selected tile and removes one layer of any obstacle.
  • Cannon clears the column of the selected tile and removes one layer of any obstacle.
  • Jester Hat shuffles all the tiles on the board.

Note: When an in-game booster is used,  the move count does not decrease.

How to Get Free Coins?

There are various ways to obtain free coins. These ways are:

  • Opening the Area Chest
  • Completing Bonus Levels
  • Beating normal, hard, and super hard levels
  • With the remaining moves at the end of a beaten level
  • From events like Propeller Madness, Book of Treasure, Team Battle, Team Treasure, Balloon Rise, Pinata Party, Lava Quest, Hidden Temple and Royal League.

What is Butler’s Gift?

To get the Butler’s Gift, you must beat levels or rounds without losing. For every level or round you beat, you will earn free boosters to help you at the beginning of a new level.

The more levels you win in a row, the more boosters you will get at the start of the next level.

Butler’s Gift feature will become active when you reach the 32nd level.

The rewards you will get after beating levels consecutively from Butler’s Gift are:

  • Stage 1: 1 Rocket + 1 Propeller
  • Stage 2: 1 Rocket + 1 Propeller + 1 TNT
  • Stage 3: 1 Rocket + 1 Propeller + 1 TNT + 1 Light Ball

When you reach the max level of Butler’s Gift, as long as you don’t fail a level, you will continue to start new levels with 1 Rocket, 1 Propeller, 1 TNT, and 1 Light Ball.

When you fail a level, the Butler’s Gift will reset, and you will have to start upgrading the Butler’s Gift from scratch.

What is the Super Light Ball?

  • You will see the Super Light Ball feature when you reach the 292nd level.
  • To get the Super Light Ball, you must beat 10 levels or rounds.
  • You will double the effect of the Light Ball when you activate the Super Light Ball.
  • As long as you don’t fail a level, Super Light Ball will stay active.
  • When you fail in a level, the Super Light Ball will reset. You need to start over and beat 10 levels or rounds to activate the Super Light Ball again.

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