Sailing Era – Money Tips

Tips for Money / Guilds

If you are a new player I advice you to make a guild in China and Japan its the fastest way to gain money in the game.

Forget about trade ships it waste alot of game time just focus on guild investment and buy and sell to increase your money and the city contribution.

Invest in Hangzhou first then Zhangzhou then Nagasaki then Sakai.

Try to invest most of your money in trade investment coz once your trade reach 800 then the city will sell premium product which cost the same to buy but sell for alot more money.

In Hangzhou buy celadon,silk and (blue and white porcelain which is unlocked from 100 contribution from government house) and sell all those in Nagasaki and Sakai.

In Zhangzhou buy celadon, silk, tea and sell to Nagasaki and Sakai.

In Nagasaki buy (katana which is unlocked from 1000 contribution from government house) and laquerware and sell in Hangzhou and zhangzhou.

In Sakai buy katana and laquerware and sell it in Hangzhou and Zhangzhou.

Once you maximum all your guild investment on them then you can make money very fast anytime you want leave china-japan area then fill your ship with celadon,silk and blue and white porcelain and continue your exploring adventure and sell them anywhere you like.

And you can buy 4 large f.uchuan from Hangzhou and Zhangzhou and modify them to add 1 more warhouse for each ship, develop kolkata to maximum and build a tea clipper there which need 55 days to build use tea clipper as your flag ship to sail very fast to trade.

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