SCUM – Tips for Abandoned Bunkers Run Solo

How to Abandoned Bunkers Solo

  • Calm is the key to success…
  • Avoid noise as much as possible, this will generate razor blades. Don’t run, search a box wait 3 seconds to see another one.
  • Use fuses 600 upwards, do not use smaller ones.
  • Use a bow to mater razors, sword for common puppets.
  • Shoot the razor’s baby whenever possible.
  • if the razor pleases use the sword. (Preferably use two swords on your back, if he attacks you the one in your hand will drop, so you’ll have another one quickly.)
  • When opening a door, do not walk, wait at least 3 seconds standing still.
  • When you hear the razor in the pipe, stop immediately and wait for the noise to stop.
  • When going down the stairs, turn off the level 1 circuit breakers. This way you won’t burn your 1st level fuses. (The switch off panel is in front of the stairs. Switch them back on when you go up to exit.)
  • When your access cards expire (yellow and blue) just look for new ones again.)

Every time you enter a new room or corridor, check the ceiling. When the razors spawn they drop from air vents. Personal experience, they ALWAYS drop from the air vent closest to whoever has been making the most noise. So when you hear them scrambling in the vents face the nearest vent. DO NOT ADS on that vent. Yes, it can save you some time when they drop from that vent but it isn’t worth the increased risk of getting blind sided by whatever is outside your field of vision.

Bring LOTS of ammo if you choose to bring a gun. Suppressors are ideal. Bring multiple if you can. They wear out quickly now. If your gun of choice can mount a bayonet, bring one as a last resort. They’re also great for spearing the locals through windows.

Bows and crossbows are great for the silent approach, but can be extremely nerve wracking to run around with. Great for potting puppets and razors through broken windows though. Especially if it’s a window you can recover the ammo through.

Use the depositories (the rooms with shelves) and the armories to refill mags, eat, heal, and take a breather whenever needed. Brenner can open large doors, but not these smaller ones. And there are no vents for the razors to drop in from.

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