Sea of Stars – Wheel Game Tips

Useful Tips

So far I’ve found great success in going full-offense with Mage. I ONLY select attack/upgrades for the mage. I had one Wheel game where the computer beat me 4 times in a row (one was a tie, technically) because they were heavy on the assassin rolls.

I don’t waste time with walls unless I get one roll that’s got at least 3-4 hammers in it.

As far as “how does it work”:

  • Diamond or Square with blue outline gives exp, but also counts towards a “notch”
  • You need 3 OR MORE in order for it to do anything for the notch. IE you can get 2 diamonds on the reel, and they will do nothing. Get 3, and it moves the notch 1 step. Get 4 and it moves the notch 2 steps. Etc. The exception to this is EXP; if I have 5 diamonds, and 2 of them are blue background, I get 2 exp plus the notch moves 3 times. (3+2=5.)

Just think of 3 as the minimum for anything to happen. Want walls? Need 3 hammers, the more hammers, the more walls (to a max of 5 or 6 walls I think) – but again, walls are useless IMO

Don’t forget to “lock in” what you’re trying to build for. Put your mage to square, spin the wheel 3 times, lock in every square you can along the way, and it’s just a numbers game at that point.

Best of luck to you!

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