Sea of Thieves – Useful Tips for Beginners

Gameplay Tips for Noobs

With practice you can achieve anything in any game.

Something that’s a huge skill barrier that once you get this in your head you will have a better idea in what to practice. Is that every projectile in game is affected by the ship movement speed (includes vertical speed).

So let’s say the ship is going to your right, the fastes you moving the “leftest” you gotta aim your cannons because it will go diagonally.

Same when you shoot you have to keep in mind that it woobles left and right when firing wich translates to the cannons moving up and down slighty wich can be harsher on high waves.

This is also applied to guns but the vertical ain’t that harsh with them.

What is it for now is the game is PVP all the time, but keep in mind most people has no clue how to play so they will attack you mostly when you’re not in your ship or you’re not moving at all so you have to be kinda paranoid and do a spyglas sweet at least every 1 minute to make sure nobody catches you off guard.

If you’re alone and you don’t want to hear kids arguing with their parents or adult babies raging because their opponent is escaping instead of nosing in their broadside i would recommend you to play solo sloop in closed crew and do a lot of “X mark the spot” missions so you get adapted to sailing and get to learn all the island names.

You might want to play really passive in the begining avoiding other ships until you get confident with your sailing skills good enough to start developing your cannon skills.

If you have no choice but to fight a bigger crew, always sail in NW direction wich gives you the most harsh waves. Most people in the game has no clue how to deal with this so as if they’re bigger crew less chance to get someone that can land a shot on those waves.

Don’t give up if they win because they’er a bigger crew, they learning nothing from winning a 3 vs 1 fight but you will probably improve something with each defeat and you will eventually manage to beat at least the trash ones.

Sometimes you “win” by just outsailing and getting them tired till they give up and you manage to sell the loot.

Also if somebody insults you don’t answer back, there are many “wannabe bully kids” that will try to insult you with “vage words” enough for you to understand what they trying to say expecting you to insult them back so they record and report because for some reason that gets them off, don’t give them the pleasure and just mute them in the options.

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