Sentimental Death Loop – Memo #2-9 Walkthrough

Walkthrough Guide

Materials from this guide cover Memo #2 and onwards, if you’re stuck in #1 I suggest interacting with the phone on the table.

This also contains minor spoilers in terms of character appearances.

Keep in mind that the game progresses as you keep interacting with your surroundings and escaping from Nemu. So if it seems like you’ve gathered and fiddled with everything you needed to based on the guide, keep going until you hit another conversation with Akane.

Memo #2

Nemu’s Room

  • Stuffed Animal on bed
  • Game Console on table
  • Sheet of paper in trash can
  • Trap on Bed Pole
  • Hide in Closet

Room Beside Nemu’s

  • Trap on clothes rack
  • Clothes on clothes rack
  • Batteries in nightstand
  • Cosmetics on vanity table
  • Locked safe under bed

Living Room

  • Plastic Rope beside safe
  • Knife and fruit knife in Kitchen
  • Trap on Table using rope
  • TV remote on table

Escape Nemu once using the trap laid on the table, the cat in her room and hiding in her closet. Proceed to the laundry room.

Laundry Room

  • Trap in Washing Machine using Clothes
  • Trap in hamper
  • Hide in Bathtub
  • Padlock on sink cupboards “Note to self. The Square is 3×3. Line 1 to 9 up in order, starting from the upper left, going right.”
  • Detergent above sink

Escape Nemu a Second time using the game console in her room and hide in her closet

Front Door

Die once, (Do not use the Load function after dying!) then use the diary to go back to the second checkpoint and go to the now accessible front door. You will lose your inventory but that’s okay.

  • Interact with smart phone on table in main room
  • Go to Nemu’s room and use her Laptop “Password hint: QPXFS189” (use the hint from the sheet of paper to get the actual password), unlocks basement.


  • Noa Doll top left corner
  • Candle
  • Drawer, need a fruit knife and candle to open, inside is the key for the front door trap.

Memo #3

Gather bait and interact with items in Nemu’s room, all you need to do is to trigger conversations with Akane.

Escape Nemu twice, then once the chats with Akane stop, die from Nemu.

There is nothing more in Memo 3 until you walk outside Nemu’s room after respawning.

Suzuka-chan is now your new helper.

Memo #4

Rooms will now contain new notes of interest and you may need to enter and reenter rooms to trigger Suzuka’s observations.

A LOT of content is unlocked from this point. Memo 5, 6 and 7 will be checked off as you converse with Suzuka.

Nemu’s Room

  • Standing photo frame “It’s raising its left paw like it wants to shake. The scribbled writing says “Just born on New Year’s!!””
  • Inspect table “Blue rabbit first!”

Room Beside Nemu’s

  • Sheet of Paper “I made the safe combination the animal’s birthdays so as not to forget. It goes: cat, then puppy, then bunnies. The dial order for each is right, left, right, left.”
  • Standing photo frame “A plate attached to it says “Hana-chan, born on the 7th!”
  • Unlock safe for the Japanese room key

Living Room

  • Paper with manufacturing date “Red rabbit: 12th, Blue rabbit: 17th”
  • Plastic bottle, ice pack, and ice in refrigerator

Japanese Room

  • Medicine Case “B Brand Medicine”
  • Turn TV on using TV remote + Battery combination (bait?)
  • Put away Pillow
  • Study Key in puzzle box
  • Put away futon
  • Hide in Closet
  • Detergent right side of closet “It’s C brand dish detergent.”
  • Medicine Case “C Brand medicine”
  • Low table trap
  • DVD player remote on low table

Study Room

  • Sheet of paper “The password is 180–”
  • Book “A is 01, B is 02, Z is 26”

A Sheet of Paper (I forgot where I got it from) “Password hint: 1X X5 16 15 18 20”

Memo #7

Suzuka is in the Study Room behind bookshelf.

Study Room

  • Use Sheets of Paper “Password hint: 1X X5 16 15 18 20”, Book “A is 01, B is 02, Z is 26”, “The password is 180–” for the Laptop Password
  • Laptop gives password to padlock in Laundry room.

Laundry Room

  • Padlock unlocks key to circuit breaker in front door
  • Contains another set of batteries.

Front Door

  • Fix breaker

Memo #8

This memo leads to an unavoidable death in the basement.

Die in the basement and continue from Nemu’s room with Suzuka.

Get the front door trap key and disable the trap at the front door.

Akane joins your party.

Memo #9

Japanese Room

  • Sheet of Paper (Akane observation)

Study Room

  • Laptop provides hint
  • Standing Photo Frame

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