Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries – Espionage Tips


For a spy to take over a fort he needs to be a general of that fort and be inside a fort. A key icon will be visible. If you click it. You will take over the fort. But be aware that the AI will declare war on you.

  • Use spies of one of the enemy civs. This reduces the chance that the AI deletes your spy and expose them.
  • If a spy is exposed the faction of the spy loses 1 reputation.
  • Idle spies inside a village cant be ought. And can be recruited by the enemy for anything. However If this is spying, He will be caught and exposed!
  • General spies that are mobile with their army, will convert their army to you if you turn him back into your side. This will NOT make the AI declare war on you.
  • Kings and enemy spies cant be assassinated or bribed. This will expose the spy.
  • A king that dies and elects a spy will make the kingdom surrender to the spy’s true faction.
  • Civilian workshops (mines, Workshops, manufactures) can be taken over if all the pop inside it belongs to you.
  • Spies Cost money to maintain. But never betray you but will disappear if their loyalty is 0.
  • Only the AI can make your spies generals in their faction. Hide them in a fort to increase the chance.
  • You can send your turn coated generals back to their faction in puppet mode. they tend to become Generals again. Beginning a another harvest of their military for your own use.


  • You can make spies into soldiers and even generals. This will make them immune from bribing. and can foil most assassinations against them. At the cost of more upkeep per general.
  • To train a spy to be a soldier. Tain a spy then make a settlement near a fort. Then If the spy is the solo pop the spy get trained as a soldier. Making him a soldier-spy.
  • To dispose a (suspected) enemy spy click him and press the X if it is a spy you get a message.
  • If a unit (independent) joins you. has 20 HP and no skills Hes a spy. A true independent joiner has skills like those in the Inn you will kill most spies with it.
  • If a other faction unit joins yours its a spy.
  • Enemy spies can turn to your faction without signalling. They will try to join towns and forts.

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