Shadows of Doubt – How to Catch the Murderer at the Site

Is It Possible to Catch The Murderer at The Site?

If you go to a place of murder immidietly, there is a non-zero chance to catch the murder still at the crime scene or somewhere nearby. It all depends on a set of circumstances. If victim has a partner or neighbours just happend to come in as soon as they died, murder will be reported immidietly.

Tho you shouldn’t blatantly assume who is a killer, because more often than not, people on a murder scene are enforcers and whoever reported it. I once found victim’s spouse just sitting on a floor, waiting for enforcers to arrive, completelly broken by the event. And it didn’t took much to prove they aren’t the murderer.

Tho the guy then got shot by enforcers, because while i was talking to him, they put up the tape and that made area completelly restricted for citizens, so it made him a threspasser. They bandaged him up and threw him out of his own apartment.

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  1. My very first game playing the tutorial I was about to knock on the door to someone’s apartment and watched the murderer come and pick the lock for me, go in and shoot that person. I know the tutorial is scripted but it was just amusing seeing it happen right in front of me

  2. I’ve reloaded saves and gone to the scene of the next murder to watch it in progress. The person unlocked the door somehow, ran in, two shots and left immediately.

    Consider the fact that when you see a murder report pop up, it has already happened and a witness has called it in. In this case, the likelihood of the suspect still being at the scene is minimal to probably zero.

    Anecdotally, I believe you can witness murder as it happens, but you won’t still see the murderer on scene if you are answering a reported murder popup.

  3. The only scripted things are, that a killer gets choosen randomly and a victim, preferably from the killers social circle (depending on what type of murder case it is). Everything beyond that is very circumstantial and heavily depends on the position of the involved citizens.

    However it can feel scripted to some degree, because most citizens daily schedule mostly revolves around switching between being home and being within their workplace, which heavily limits the possibilities of how most murders play out.

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