Shadows of Doubt – Murder Styles

Specific Murder Styles

There’s currently only 4 specific murder styles:

Ritual Murders

  • Body is surrounded by a red ritualistic circle. Evidence for the murderer is a crumpled ball of paper with an anagram of he killers first initial and last name and their fingerprints. Murderer is usually someone the victim was close to, so it’s usually someone in their address book.

Corpo Murders

  • Body is unremarkable, writing on wall may say “PUT A PIN IN IT”. Always a business card with the killers fingerprints at the scene. Murderer is always coworker.

Valentine Killer

  • Body is surrounded by a heart and writing on the wall will be “Victim first name + first initial of murderer forever”. Lipstick will usually be at the scene with fingerprints. Victims cruncher will usually have a few v-mails complaining about being stalked and may have a brief description of the murderer (usually build or hairstyle). Murderer is usually someone the victim was close to, so it’s usually someone in their address book.

Toy Car Killer

  • Body is unremarkable, a single toy car with the murderers fingerprints will be somewhere near the body. Sometimes wall writing saying “Death to the New Generation”. Notoriously the toughest cases to solve because the murderer will have no relationship with the victims. You need to ask around and check CCTVs for this one and even check for weapon and toy car sales.

In all cases, assuming the writing on the walls didn’t glitch out somehow, you can use the writing style as an extra piece of evidence. The writing style will match the murderers writing style.

Additionally, murders happen in real time between citizens. Your murderer will go to shops to get their calling card (like toy cars) and weapons (if the weapon got lost at the scene) find their target, and murder them. Murders only come up on your police scanner if another citizen finds the body and reaches a phone to call the enforcers. If nobody finds / sees the body, then no murder will be reported to you. This also means you can find murders spontaneously before they get reported, or even see one in action.

Lastly, keep an eye out for people running in the streets when it’s not raining. They’re either trying to mug you, report a found body from a murder, or even the murderer themselves going to / from their target.

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