Shadows of Forbidden Gods – How to Play as Ophanim

Useful Tips for Ophanim

Getting the Faith high enough can be slow going. It really helped to have Shadow up at 12% globally (iirc) which increases the growth rate.

Shadow adjacent to your Faith is more effective but your guys make it disappear fast. I recommend building up some shadow before you start the Faith at all unless you took the starting Cultist who alternates (I didn’t)

Also don’t violently suppress Doubt on a place you’re about to take over as that will slow you down a lot and it’s much easier to handle Doubt once you have control.

Oh.. the Power you need to take control is one you start with for 0-cost I think but you need something like 200 Faith (300?) to do it but then the rest of the nearby cities only need about 100 (pretty sure it tells you ingame)

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