Shakes and Fidget – Hellevator Guide


The Hellevator, an elevator that leads directly into the depths of the underworld. You can enter it via the city map to fight against enemies of increasing strength. You can climb the rankings together with your guild.

Every fight costs a key card. Every 30 minutes a new key card is generated. After collecting a maximum of 15 key cards, no more will be generated. Don’t forget to use them regularly.

Should you find key cards elsewhere, they will always be credited, even if the limit of 15 key cards has already been reached.

If you don’t have a key card at hand, you can also spend a mushroom to plunge into battle.

Every 24 hours (at midnight server time) the Hellevator is reset by 20 floors, allowing you to defeat the enemies again on those floors. In addition to normal loot you also gain precious Hell Tokens for defeating enemies. The amount of Hell Tokens you get for a fight depends on an enemy’s floor.


Beelzebub realised that someone ventures through the Hellevator and offers you Hellevator Treats. You can get them by paying with your key cards. He also takes mushrooms should you not have any.

The Hellevator treats come in all sorts and add a positive effect on your combat power in the Hellevator. Also, Beelzebub improves his treats daily. Therefore, from the second day onwards, all treats grant more damage to your weapon as an additional effect.

When you buy a treat, you eat it directly and keep the specific effect for a certain amount of floors. Treats can be stacked for up to 24 floors.


There are two rewards. First, you receive chests from Beelzebub every day. Second, you get another reward based on your ranking at the end of the event.

Daily Rewards

Beelzebub rewards brave guilds for their progress in the Hellevator every day. Depending on the Hell Tokens you gained together you will receive chests as reward.

There are three types of chests you can earn:

  • The fortress chest filled with wood and stone
  • The blacksmith’s chest that contains metal and arcane splinters
  • The gold chest that surprisingly contains gold

Chests that were gained while you were inactive can also be collected the next day but not later. In total, you can earn 50 chests with your guild per day.

Daily Rewards

Your Hell Tokens are added up with those of your guild members for the ranking. After the Hellevator has closed, all members of guilds that participated will receive a reward. It depends on your guild’s Hellevator rank in the game world and scales with your level. You can view the rank of your guild in the Hellevator at any time.

You can collect your reward up to 7 days after the Hellevator has closed. It doesn’t matter when you claim your reward within this period of time. The reward is determined upon closure. If you do not claim your reward within 7 days, it expires without compensation.

The three guilds with the most Hell Tokens in a game world also receive very special profile background which will be displayed until the next Hellevator is going to start (runtime begins with the closure of the Hellevator).

Leaving a Guild

Should you leave your guild during the event, you take your Hell Tokens with you and can join a new guild at any time. However, you will lose 5% of your Hell Tokens. You can continue fighting in the Hellevator and collect Hell Tokens but your Hell Tokens won’t be added to those of your new guild for 24 hours.

If you get kicked from the guild, you won’t lose any Hell Tokens. Your Hell Tokens will be added to those of your new guild after12 hours.

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