Shakes and Fidget – Spell Scrolls Guide

Spell Scrolls

Once spell scrolls are unlocked, they will be displayed above the witch. There they can also be purchased directly by clicking on the corresponding spell scroll.

If a scroll is lit, the character’s or companion’s item has not been enchanted yet. A transparent spell scroll indicates an active enchantment.

Active spell scrolls give different bonuses. The more spell scrolls have been unlocked, the higher the effect of the toilet’s aura bonus. You get three times the effect when all nine scrolls are unlocked.

Even after unlocking all spell scrolls, more items can be thrown in the cauldron for twice the sales value.

The spell scrolls “Shadow of the Cowboy” and “Sword of Vengeance” can be applied to the respective items of your companions so they can make use of the bonuses too.

Overview of All Spell Scrolls

Robber Baron Ritual

  • Enchants the talisman to increase the chance of loot when raiding other players.

Unholy Acquisitiveness

  • Enchants the amulet to find items along the way on quests more often.

Mario’s Beard

  • Enchants your armor to find a mushroom on quests more often.

Thirsty Wanderer

  • Enchants your belt to enjoy a free beer every day.

The Grave Robber’s Prayer

  • Enchants the ring to find extra gold on quests.

Sword of Vengeance

  • Enchants the weapon to increase the damage of critical hits in combat.

Shadow of the Cowboy

  • Enchants the gloves to be first in the battle more often.
  • The player with the higher reaction value starts.

36960-Feet Boots

  • Enchants your footwear to shorten travel time of quests.

Adventurer’s Archaeological Aura

  • Enchants headgear to gain extra XP on quests.

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