Sixty Four – Beginners Guide

Guide for Newcomers

Spoiler alert! I recommend reading this only if you feel stuck.

If you just started the game:

Just click and hold the machine, break the cubes

~ 500m Deep

Invest into converters and additional channels

~ 1 km

Hell Gem Destabilizers + Hell Gem Injectors = speed

~ 6 km

Build Containment Vessels, accumulate Chromalits, check out new Resonators. It’s good to have several Channels on different depths

~ 17 km

Build Research Site and Irradiator ASAP. If your Chromalit level already dropped below 512, you could sell some stuff to afford Irradiator. Start collecting hollow stones around the research site.

More stones lying around — more severe the time warps. Build as many Irradiators as you can. Chromalits are the main source of wealth. Build General Decay Reactor. With Chromalit decay it gives a lot of stuff.


Teleport a lot. You see it when it worked. Then get some hollow fruits to automate hollow stones.


Automate stuff.


Gradient well with Void resonator and a Couple of Destabilizers will make Channels obsolete. You get A LOT of stuff. Invest into Containment Silos and finish the game!

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