Slice & Dice – Beginners Guide

General Tactic of Slice & Dice Game

  • Slice & Dice is a game following the classical attack/defence/HP model.
  • Even though enemy action are rolled out, they would have a roughly consistent damage output each round.
  • Total enemy damage minus your mitigation (healing+shield) becomes your net hp lost.
  • For example, Slime Queen has 3 attack modes, but in total it deals 8-9 damage per turn.
  • At the start of fight the enemies potential damage will usually be larger than your total mitigation.
  • You need to be offensive and kill some off to reduce their incoming damage while keeping some mitigation, until total enemy damage is less than your total mitigation.
  • If your total hp drops under 0 before that point, you’re lost. Otherwise you can usually win even by stalling.
  • Because enemies will not actively target dying heroes, your safety mostly depends on your team’s total hp.
  • Of course, there are unfortunate rolls, and bosses would have big single-target attacks, but still that’s generally good guideline.
  • Your offence will allow this killing off to happen more quickly, and your team’s total max hp will allow this hp drops to 0 deadline to stretch for a few more rounds.
  • A typical newbie error is to focus too much on dice value and ignore items that grant max hp.
  • However, given how attack/defence is balanced in this game those +HP items are vital to your progress.
  • In general, the priority each round is prevent hero death > offensive > defensive.
  • Remember that killing off an enemy mitigates damage too, which is essentially how Berserker (pain 4) works — if you deal 4 damage to kill of an enemy, even if you take 4 damage it’s still positive value.

Hero Tips

Due to how this game plays out, I feel a good tactic to let every hero do its own thing. Orange and Yellow are evaluated as offensive, Grey and Red as defensive, and Blue’s mostly managen, which is allocated as flexible points between offense and defense.

That being said, each hero may need to be doing side work once in a while, so that ability is useful too. With that said, here’s the major criteria I’d use to evaluate each hero.


  • Mob clearing: ability to one-shot mobs or one-shot mobs with assist (burst/red).
  • Against boss: ability to rush down boss quickly. Useful against certain bosses like Rotten and Troll King.
  • AOE mob clearing: an alternative to mob clearing, the ability to assist kill multiple mobs in a turn.


  • Multi-target mitigation: the ability to save or cure multiple
  • Single-target mitigation: the ability to mitigate
  • Cleanse


  • Offensive mana efficiency: the ratio where mana converts to damage, though blue spells or burst. Remember killing an enemy means mitigation as well.
  • Manabot: the ability to generate mana for red spells, useful against boss fights where mitigation is required.
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