Slice & Dice – How to Deal with Monsters

Tactics for Monsters

Stage 4

Alpha Wolf

  • Prioritize killing the wolves.
  • If only Alpha remains, 6 damage is easy to manage.
  • Single-target 6 may be difficult to take, consider using burst for shield.
  • The fight often starts to fail when there are 2-3 wolves remaining and they all attack with Alpha.


  • Kill or be killed fight.
  • Even if you could generate 10 mitigation somehow, poison breath will kill you.
  • Dealing 4-6 damage per round with 4-6 mitigation would get you around the win condition.
  • All damage are spread out, so red spell that spread out healing evenly – even restore – is immensely useful.

Stage 8

Slime Queen / Slimer / Slimelet

  • Defensive fight. After killing off the initial slimelets, 9 damage from boss is easy to mitigate, it would even give you some room to heal hp back up.
  • However, Slime Queen+Slimer or 2 Slimer (12) would be difficult to handle.
  • Stall a little to get prepared before summoning off the first slimert, ideally dealing some damage to it on the same round. Then kill the slimer quickly, then focus down the Slime Queen.

Gytha / Agnes / Magrat

  • Offensive fight. You look at 17 damage per round initially unless you kill off a witch fast.
  • Aim at triggering a witch’s immunity pip in 1st round or maybe 2nd.
  • Sides that do 4+ damage can kill a witch over immunity pip, like Trapper, Berserker, Caldera, Sparky, etc, but don’t rely on it.
  • Suggested kill order is Gytha -> Agnes -> Magrat.

Stage 12

Lich / Zombie / Bones

  • Lich itself has very low DPS, but if the bones pile up you are dead.
  • Try to control how much you deal damage to Lich so that no more than 2 bones are acting, and be extra cautious on the round where you are weakened.
  • Even though you may be tempted to rush down the Lich with ranged attack, it is not a good idea as bones will pile up.
  • Another dying scenario is if Lich petrifies your cleanser and the others one by one.
  • This is the reason why you need cleanse.

Rotten / Imp / Bones

  • Rush or be dead fight.
  • Rotton’s passive doesn’t look so bad until it starts to spam poison, and at 1 max hp even 1 point of poison will kill you.
  • That being said, you cannot afford to not kill the adds, so you have to do it quickly.
  • Renew, +Max HP sides, and cleanse can give you a few more turns, which might be what you need to kill it.

Stage 16

Troll King / Archer / Slate

  • Strike a balance between aiming at boss vs aiming at adds.
  • Troll King’s DPS is 15, which is somewhat you can manage between red and grey; but 4 archers would add 10 and Slate would add 7-10 to the top of it, which would be more than you can handle.
  • If you aim at adds, clear them out in 2 turns is possible depending on your team, then face Troll King alone. If you aim at troll king, you need to do 24 damage in 3 turns or 26 damage in 4 turns to make a kill. (+4 with tough monsters)
  • Or, reduce the number of archers with ranged ability while doing damage to the troll King — that’s what I would call balance.

Tarantus / Spider

  • The 4 poison move seems intimidating, but the damage is so low that you can often afford to reroll for cleanse aggresively.
  • Even if you cannot, the hero could usually live for another turn with proper shield.
  • However, the 12 single-target attack might need some proper shielding as it does not have heavy keyword. This is why Veteran is the best yellow — he could provide 4 shields consistently at times like this.
  • Time when you trigger the special pip so that the orange hero does not gets devoured at improper times like when a lot of spiders pile up.
  • Devour can be bypassed through dodge or undying (there’s an achievement there), but I do not recommend stalling for too long just to avoid death. Having orange dead for one fight is a small price to pay.

Stage 20

Dragon / Caw / Archer

  • Dragon looks like an advanced Troll King – with full damage sides and self-shield — but the fight needs to be done differently.
  • Between 40 HP(+8 with tough monsters) and 3 self-shield pips, you need to survive for 5+ turns before you can kill the dragon.
  • So instead you should kill the adds and focus on the defensive side.
  • With t3 grey, t3 red and t3 red spell (they have extremely high mana efficiency), tanking 15-25 damage a turn is very reasonable.

Tools you need include:

  • Cleanse -to counter poison mist. Regen works, but with 9 poison incoming at 1/3 chance Alchemist’s regen won’t catch up. Mender’s Soothe works in sum, but because all poison mist will hit grey you still need some way to cleanse grey.
  • Single-target tank – because the single-target 15 is heavy, have someone with high HP is useful. All T3 red (aside from Forsaken) have ways to do big healing, so as long as the attack can be tanked you can heal up next turn.
  • Preemptive healing – because the AOE attack hits 5, take this into account when deciding who to heal. Have someone at 6 hp means one less person to worry about if dragon uses fire breath.

Defensive sides including shield, self-shield and self-healing on orange, yellow and blue are useful because you would have one less person to worry about against the AOE fire breath.

Hexia / Imp / Spawn

  • Hexia is considered the weak boss of the batch.
  • Even though damage reflection is intimidating, you can overcome it by playing slowly – deal damage only when you have extra shield/healing, waiting for poison or use spell damage to avoid reflection, actively roll for defensive sides on offensive characters.
  • Remember, you can choose to not use a die after rolling.
  • Fortunately Hexia’s other moves are focusing on status effect instead of damage, so playing it out slowly would work if you have cleanse.

Unlike Dragon, the single-target big attack of 12 is not heavy. It might hit your low HP character when choosing the target.

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